Happy Father's Day 2023

A Poem About My Hero

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.”

―Anne Geddes

A Poem About My Hero!

Today is Father’s Day and I want to honor my
Dad - Rudolph R Banks Sr (1940-2022) a on this Father’s Day!

This edition on TechPreneur I’ve decided to open
with a poem honoring Dad! ❤

Strong, wise, curiosity's spark,
Laughs echoed through his vibrant heart.
Music and wrench, his skilled hands knew,
Driving through life, his passions grew.

Serving with valor, military's call,
Supporting my dreams, he gave his all.
Compassion embraced, others he'd uplift,
Competing with grace, his focus would shift.

Dad, your legacy forever abounds,
In each cherished memory that surrounds.
On this Father's Day, my love I send,
In heartfelt void, our bond won't end.

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❤ Rudy

💻 In Today’s Edition

  • TP’s Marketing Lesson

  • TP’s AI Artwork

  • TP’s Tech Trends

  • TP’s AI Tool of the Week

💡 TP’s Marketing Lesson

Video Sales Letter (VSL)

A video sales letter (VSL) engages, persuades, and converts by combining visual storytelling, value demonstration, and trust-building elements. A VSL is a more compelling version of a sales letter. Jon Benson has good content on this topic and will help you get a good foundation.

🎨 TP’s Inspired AI Art

Vermilon FRACTAL. Paper Quilling, black nubian queen Head and shoulders portrait. Vietnamese Lady. Hyperrealistic craft, paper sculpture Interdimensional. Perfect eyes. Zentangle ornate background, blue hue glow.

“Vermilon FRACTA-Nubian Queen ” - Leonardo Ai

💡💡 Biz Idea: Youtube Automation Business - Watch

📈 TP’s Tech Trends

  • Congress - whether AI should have the power of the patent 🔗Read

  • Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management 🔗Read

  • Artificial Intelligence & games: What lies ahead? 🔗Read 

  • The Grammys - human creators to be eligible for awards 🔗Read

  • Read Today’s AI News 🔗Read

🤖 TP’s AI Tool of Week - “Boomy”


Create original songs in seconds, even if you've never made music before. Submit your songs to streaming platforms and get paid when people listen. Join a global community of artists empowered by generative music.

Access 👉 Boomy

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