It's Not Over Until I Win

The Power of Perspective

“It’s Not Over Until I Win.”

― Les Brown

It's Not Over Until I Win: The Power of Perspective

Hooray! I celebrated my Birthday this week!

Every Sunday my wife has a ‘catch-up’ phone call with her parents.

I joined the call to check in and also thank them for their nice Birthday card.

My mother-in-law asks, "so, how old are you now?"

Without pause, I said 45…..I'm catching up with you all (jokingly).

(There’s a brief moment of silence)

Then I hear a joyous chuckle on their end.

FYI, my in-laws are in their late 70's.

She proceeded to say, "oh what I would do to be 45 again?

My father-in-law chimed in, "I would like to be 70 again!"

We burst into laugher LOL!

It was a sweet moment.

Then we started discussing what activities and projects we’re working on.

Would you agree — that time has a way of putting our dreams and goals into perspective?

When you think there is plenty of time — poof! Years pass by!

Here’s the thing…

There is still time.

Les Brown said it best - "it's not over until I win".

As you travel your entrepreneur and life journey, what unfulfilled goals and dreams do you have remaining?

Put it this way…

If you’re not living your dreams — you’re living your fears.

Meaning — don't allow fear and doubt to rob your future!

When I get stuck, I starve fear by taking action!

To me, life has no limitations beyond the ones we create in our minds.

Next time you feel like throwing in the towel — remember this…

It's Not Over Until I Win!


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