Unlocking Life's Cages

Insights From A Wise Parrot

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.”

― John F. Kennedy

"Unlocking Life's Cages: Insights from a Wise Parrot"

Have you ever felt trapped or caged in?

You know there’s more to life and business but you can't seem to escape?

Here's the good news!

Trouble does not last always!

And — Tough Times don't last but Tough People do.

During my studies, Dr. Wayne Dyer tells a parable about a caged parrot that I hope will inspire you as it did me.

A man went to Africa to acquire some products. He went through the jungle and sees thousands of beautiful multi-colored talking parrots. He decided to capture one as a pet.

At home, he kept his parrot in a cage, fed him, gave him seeds and honey, played music, and treated him well.

Two years later, the man decided to go back to Africa. He asked his parrot if there was a message to deliver to its old parrot friends in the jungle.

The parrot told the man to convey that he was very happy in his cage, enjoying each day and sending love. When the man arrived in Africa, he delivered the message to the parrots in the jungle.

As he finished, a parrot with tears in his eyes fell over dead. The man startled, thought the parrot must have been close to the caged parrot and died of sadness.

Upon returning home, the man shared the story with his pet parrot. The pet parrot, upon hearing this, also teared up and fell over dead in his cage.

The man was astounded, thinking his pet died from the news of the friend’s death. He then tossed the dead bird outside. Instantly, the pet parrot flew up to a tree branch.

The man, surprised, said, 'So, you're not dead after all. Why did you do that?'

The parrot replied, 'My friend sent me a very important message.'

The man asked, 'What was the message?'

The parrot responded, 'If you want to escape from your cage, you must die while you're alive.'

I hope you gleaned something from this parable.

Remember this...

If you want to escape, reinvent yourself by becoming 1% better every day.

Imagine how different your life would be if you: learned new things (daily), implemented them and did not stay in your comfort zone?

I challenge you to try this philosophy and let me know your results.


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